Get proficient Letting and Property Management Services from Reliance Property Consultants.

As an experienced estate service provider company in the real estate industry, we at Reliance Property Consultants ensure that our client’s Property at all times complies with legislation related to tenants and landlords, comprising but not restricted to the Residential Tenancies Act 2004-2016.

Professional Management Services

Before letting our client’s Property, we make sure that the Property meets health, security and safety regulations. Our skilled teams in Dublin will make an entire appraisal of the Property and assist you by taking a complete inventory of fixtures and fittings.

Our Key Responsibilities

Screening Tenants

For enabling letting services, we are utterly responsible for screening tenants and making sure to obtain one reference of fittingness and make sure the anticipated tenant is of good credit worthiness.

Enabling Leases and Renewals

Through our management services, we make sure all involved leases and renewals are prepared and approved by the Landlord, then precisely signed by the concerned Tenant and the Landlord.

Utility Transfers

After the Property is agreed upon, our teams organise proper readings of utility meters and facilitate the utilities to be transferred in the name of the tenant.

Lease Termination

Upon the lease termination and detailed inspection of the Property, we assess the damages for which the tenant is accountable and deduct damage value from the deposit before repaying the tenant.

Registration of Landlord and Tenancies

If feasible, we register the Landlord and all tenancies with applicable authorities and submit proof of registration right to the Landlord.

Assistance to Landlords

  • We make sure that all workmen and agents engaged on behalf of the Landlord hold needed insurance and all related criteria. However, not wholly public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance
  • Submit tenancy accounts to the Landlord every six months and submit final account reports at the time of tenancy termination.
  • Make sure that rents are timely received and paid straight to the Landlord’s bank account
  • The Property will be checked on a continuing basis by giving applicable notice to the tenant.

Assistance To Tenants

  • We respond to all tenant’s questions and queries.
  • Manage and arrange any current repairs.
  • Make sure that all bills are accepted by the Landlord and are paid by the Landlord or from the rental payments.
  • Make sure decoration and maintenance of the Property are executed as per the latest Building Regulations and Health & Safety Legislation.

We are the specialists who are best placed to guide you on every step. So, swiftly connect with us for Property management services.