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4 Straightforward stages to get a precise valuation for your home

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Have a brief call with our experts so that we can understand your exact valuation requirements.

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We can book the valuation right on the call, or you can send a request through email or click “Book Your Free Valuation” below. Rest assured as this is a no obligation and entirely confidential offer.

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As per the category of your valuation request, our employee will arrange to visit to your property at a time that fits you & note all needed details.

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We craft a specialised valuation report in a timely and well-organised manner. If you necessitate our quick service, please mention it to our consultant.

Free Home Valuation

Whether you’re ready to sell or just curious to know what your property is worth, a no obligation Reliance Property Consultants valuation is for you. We welcome all property valuations, whether it leads to a sale or not, as it gives us an accurate indication of local market trends.

    About our Valuation Team

    • All our valuers are property experts and have precise experience in the real estate market across Dublin. They are highly skilled, qualified and show professionalism during the complete valuation project.
    • When you choose Reliance Property Consultants, you can be completely assured of the highest level of work dedication and accurate customer care services. We want triumph for both you and for us.
    • We are the professionals who are best placed to guide you on the existing market value of your property. So, quickly connect with us for an explicit valuation by our registered valuer, who exclusively specialises in all the valuation works.