Meet Reliance Property Consultants

We provide the clients with the most up to date open market valuation of the property for sale or rent, resolve any conflict of interest between the landlord and the tenants by the expert negotiation skills, negotiate and achieve the best price possible for the clients in all aspects of the estate services. Sunny Fahim: ‘I enjoy sharing his knowledge and best practice with clients and colleagues. I have a passion for unique and uncovering ways of marketing, promotion and management. I enjoy contributing new ideas, I am a self motivated and an excellent team player. I take all the challenges to work well, particularly under pressure. One of my greatest achievement has been that, I became a licensed property service provider by obtaining the license category A, B, C & D from PSRA as an independent contractor. The most recent development is my acceptance in the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers as a member and becoming a new franchise owner of Reliance Property Consultants. I was told that I am a workaholic person. If situation demands, I can work upto 18 hours a day, simply because I love my job!

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